Amandana is the fairy of the stars. She is the princess of Twilight Kingdom and her nick name is Amy.

Amy's civilian outfit in season 1


She is shy and loyal to her friends. She is tough when it comes to defense and She is very very kind. She is 18 years old. She shows love along with her blind mother, deaf father and paralyzed little sister


Amy is the hard working child of the family. Her mom is blind. her dad is deaf and her little sister is paralyzed. she loves her family and does every thing for them.

    After she met Acseraa who shares her nickname she joined Alfea and became friends with Lola. She realized her powers and went on with journeys. One of her missions with the Winx,she found a potion which helped her family to good health. her mom could see her dad could hear and her sister could move.


Simply she has fair skin and blushes easily. She has long peach blond hair and blue gray eyes. Her eyebrows are maroon brown.

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