Associated Pixie
Adelina, Pixie of Music
Spirit Dimension guardian
Powers and Abilities

Allegra is the fourth Spirit Guardian fairy of the Spirit Dimension, and represents Melody. She is the fairy of wind.

Personality and Background

Allegra is a confident and headstrong guardian. She is well-loved and popular by the children of Melody because of her passionate and sisterly behavior. She is indeed excellent in wind sports and in music.

Before she became a guardian, she used to be a young trickster and thief. She steals food and money for the poor as she was grew up by royalty, her known relative is her cousin, Galatea.


She has light green hair styled in a ponytail.

Powers and Ablilites 

"I am the wind that swifts the souls."

  • Wind Dance
  • Harmony Breeze
  • Controlling Breeze
  • Lyrical Whirlwind
  • Anthem Gale
  • Jet Cannon
  • Aero Concerto 
  • Wind Combat


  • She is based on Cure March from Smile Pretty Cure.

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