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Alicia Wilson


Age (at first appearance)
Powers and Abilities
Fairy Colors
Lucas (Boyfriend, husband)
Breeze, Pixie of Truth

Blissie (Selkie)
Honey the panda

Miza, the cat
Snow (Or Phoenix Snow)
Victoria (Mother)
Father (Not named)
Stephanie (Oldest Daughter)

Amorette (Middle daughter)

Ellie (Youngest daughter)
Cosmos (Season 3)
Voiced by (Fandom)
Janet Varney

Alicia Wilson is a new member of the Winx and is the chosen one to possess the grand power of the Snow Phoenix, similarity to Bloom as to possess the Great Dragon. She proclaims herself as the fairy of the Snow Phoenix.

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  • Full Name: Alicia Selene Wilson
  • Birthdate: January 20
  • Family: Victoria (Mother), Grandparents, Aunts, Unamed father
  • Talent(s): Singing, Drawing
  • Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, reading Manga
  • Favorite food(s): Pizza and anything sweet, especially cheesecake
  • Favorite genre of books: Anime/Manga, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Adventure
  • Favorite genre of music: Pop/Rock, Some Rap/Hip-Hop, Soul/R&B, Alt/Punk, J-Pop
  • Favorite movies: Fantasy, Anime, Sci-fi
  • Favorite places: Paris, Tokyo, Florida, California, Cosmos 
  • Best friends: Bloom, Tecna and Lucas
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Lucas
  • Favorite color: Yellow, white, pink, black
  • Favorite Pet: Serafina the cat, Honey the panda
  • Loves: Lucas, Drawing, Anime and manga, Singing, Rosie, Magical girls and being a fairy, cute stuff, libraries, Gothic stuff
  • Hates: Long waiting, very loud noises, villains kiddnapping Rosie, Dentists, Doctors, dirty messes
  • Fears: Bugs (Except Butterfiles and Ladybugs), heights
  • Favorite shoes: Wedges, Heels, Boots, Flats (As long as they're comfy), converse
  • Favorite subjects: Art
  • Favorite spell(s): Protect, Perfect Harmony, Heavenly Blast, Snow-Sword Dance
  • Catchphrase(s): TBA
  • Quotes: TBA
  • Character Theme: Wide Awake, Time for Me to Fly


Alicia has a unique personality. Alicia is somewhat shy, quiet and introverted.


Afterstory: Afterstory: Alicia Wilson

Season 1

Alicia Wilson always wished to become a Magical Girl, she thought it wasn't possible but she still believed it could happen. But after she turned 16, she almost stopped believing it and almost gave up. One day she saw her long time crush, Charlie Wright and wanted to say that she liked him. He said yes, But when she came back near the ice cream shop, it came to disasterous results. She found out that he tricked her and didn't like her and instead liked her bully, Kelly Evans. She was left heartbroken, and that day she found Lucas. She found him unloading the moving truck and asked him for any help. He told her no, but he knows what's going on with Alicia. He asked her was she ok, she told him no, but he knows that she's not ok. She wished her life would change.

But one day did change her life when she saw Bloom and the other Winx girls battling a two-headed blue troll in the forest. She was spotted by the troll and it almost attacked, when all of a sudden a shield protected protected her. She didn't know what was going on. But after the troll escaped, Bloom claimed that she has powers. Alicia was surprised that she even have powers nor found out that fairies actually exist. Bloom gave her the idea to attend Alfea, but Alicia didn't know how to tell her mom, Victoria. Bloom came with Alicia for support to tell her mother to attend a school of fairies. When she told her mom that she needed to attend Alfea that Bloom's and the others are attending, she questioned her at first but desided Alicia can go, but she needed to see it for her self. She came along with Alicia, Bloom and the others to see Alfea and to see the principal herself. When Ms.Faragonda came and introduced herself, Alicia told her that her mom can get pretty upset when something is involved with magic. So Ms. Faragonda explained the truth of the school (and sugar coated it a little), and Alicia's mother accepted it.

After being accepted into Alfea, she received her Winx. After she recieved it, she encountered her first battle with the same monster Bloom and the others faced that morning. She fought the monster well, but she's still a beginner and her powers only come from light (the battle was at night) so she can only use her powers 3 or 4 times and from Stella's ring of Solaria. Before she was about to take a direct hit from the troll, an unknown specialist came to her aid. It was revealed to be Lucas who saved her. After the troll was defeated, Lucas and Alicia introduced each other, which caused a spark between them. After the specialists left, along with their new recruit, the Winx played with Alicia saying that "he's the one". Alicia tried to deny it, but knew it was true that he is her true "prince".

Afterwards, Alicia found a pixie named Breeze, who she later adopts as her bonded pixie after they both met at the forest nearby Pixie Village and were chased by wild tiger beasts which later Alicia defeats. Later on, the Winx meets a fairy named Marissa, who is actually a student from Beta Academy (Like Chimera and possibly Diaspro). Marissa was very rude and stuck up, along with her own pixie, Diamond and became Alicia and Breeze's rivals. When Alicia, along with Breeze, came to visit Lucas at Red Fountain, she saw Marissa with Lucas discussing something. Alicia thought Lucas was seeing Marissa now and not her, so she ran away from Red Fountain heartbroken. But Breeze actually stayed and listened out and it turns out that Marissa and Lucas are arguing because Marissa now wants Lucas back after she turned him down. Breeze hears this and flies back to Alfea. But while in Alfea, the girls try to comfort Alicia about this. So Alicia called Lucas, telling him that it's over. But when Breeze comes back to tell the truth about this, Alicia is shocked by this and just realized she unknowingly broke up with Lucas. So she came back to Red Fountain to apologize, but before she did, Marissa comes and desides to battle her. While they were doing this, Breeze tries to find Lucas herself. But before she can do that, Diamond flies in the way to try and stop her. But Breeze manages to use her Wandawhirler to move Diamond out of the way. Breeze flies to Lucas' dorm window to tell him that Alicia mistook for what she saw and is battling Marissa. Hearing this, Lucas jets to the forest nearby Alfea to stop Alicia and Marissa's battle.


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


Season 6

She was asked to become a Cosplay Singer for advertisement of the geek culture, by Jason (who was Musa's former manager).

Season 7


Bonded Pixie

Breeze pic
Main Article:Breeze

Breeze is a determined, outgoing yet spunky little pixie. She and Alicia met in the forest near Breeze's home village. Breeze likes to spend time outside of Pixie Village. She loves adventures and often sneaks off and hide to be with Alicia on the battlefield or on Alicia's date with Lucas. She comments about Lucas saying how attractive (or in Breeze's case, "gorgeous") he is. She and the other Pixies have Wandawhirlers and often carries it around. They also can transform into Semi-Pixies (Half human,Half Pixies),which can cause some messy situations. She is also helps Alicia's art come to life sometimes.Overall, Breeze and Alicia are a great team, even though it can get a little messy or annoying. Breeze's job is for to make Alicia more comfortable around other people and be less shy and also to tell the truth more, even if the truth hurts.


Main Article: List of Alicia Wilson's outfits


Her normal wear (Seen above) is a yellow long-sleeved shirt,dark blue jeans and black mini heels.She also seems to wear glasses. Her second casual style is a pink Harajuku-like outfit (Seen below). The accssessories are most likely caused by Breeze, she later wears a somewhat schoolgirl outfit frequently in season 2. Her third casual style is a light pink short-sleeved hoodie shirt and magenta shorts in throughout season 3 and possibly briefly season 4. She wears a fourth outfit (not yet confirmed) throughout in season 4.


a sleeveless yellow dress with 2 holes on the side of her stomach and a heart-shaped gem in the middle of her dress. She wears yellow gloves and yellow wedge boots. She appears to be wearing a heart-shaped barrette. Her wings are similar pink heart-shaped wings. Her glasses disappear (until she uses Mystic Visor), an instead her magic turns her sight clear.

Dark Alicia

Like Bloom, she's in her same winx form only darker. Alicia was transformed like this by Marissa(as a witch) and her now turned Dark sprite, Diamond when she was tricked by them. Alicia's winx form is now a dark yellow sleeveless dress. Her wings are purple instead of pink and are bat-shaped wings. Her heart barrette is also turned purple, and the heart looks eerie as it has bat wings on the side. She was later out of her dark form by snapping out of her control and received her Enchantix.


Like Bloom's charmix, Alicia's charmix is a silver heart-shaped bag, only with chibi wings on the side and a heart shaped pin with wings on the side as well. She obtains her Charmix by stop being shy and gaining courage.


Alicia earned her Enchantix while she was fighting Marissa and snapped out of her control. In the original concept, Her sleeveless dress turns frilly. A light yellow/white dress with the same heart gem with frill on the side. Her gloves are slightly different. They consist of white with yellow ridges. Her fairy dust is within her heart gem. Her hairstyle is in two layers, the top layer is cut short.

In current concept, TBA




Alicia earned her Believix when all of her friends (Winx, Specialists, Rosie and Lucas) were in trouble in a forgotten cave near Gardenia.

In the original concept art, she wears a yellow one-piece dress with a white flowing frilly skirt. Under the skirt are light yellow frill. Her dress is held up by a silver heart brotch with ribbons coming out. She wears yellow and white gloves and boots, but her boots have silver hearts on them. She even has light yellow stockings that is layered by her boots. Her hairstyle is held up in buns, but her hair is still out. Her barrette is now a winged heart (opposite to her dark winx barrette). Her wings look similar to angel wings.

In her current concept art, TBA

Infinite Mode

This transformation was shown in the movie, "The Heart of Cosmos". This transformation makes her look more angelic.

Winx Ranger

Her ranger outfit is a Sailor Moon-like outfit.










Her hairstyle is in a high ponytail with yellow streaks, however when entered in the Infinite Ocean, her hair color changes to light blue and white with yellow streaks.

Seasons in Fanon Series

Season 1

Now I'm Finally a Fairy!

Main Article: Now I'm Finally a Fairy!

A Lone Knight meets A Snow Fairy

Lucas is a Specialist who prefers to fight alone then meets Alicia, which he becomes flustered around her at first sight.

Deja vu, Dark encounter


Season 2


Season 3

7 Winx girls and a Baby


Baby's first day out


No more witchy business

Alicia meets a witch named Melantha who does not want to be one but desires to become a fairy while the Winx searches for a special plant that makes Rosie more active in walking in Vinelina.

The Hardest test of all

The Winx have to go to Floridia to retrieve the Heart of Gold flower that could cure Rosie after the Trix put a spell on her that caused her to have a life threating illness. But the flower was destroyed by the Trix and the Winx used all of their magic to revive the flower and save Rosie. However it cost them to sleep for 1,000 years, but Rosie revived them by saying her first word, "Mama". But Rosie has to stay in Floridia again to attend nursery school and preschool, plus the Winx don't have their Enchantix nor Royalix. But because of this, Rosie and the Winx part ways.

Season 4

Elementary School Days


Training Rosie


Fairy Wishes


Go Go Winx Rangers


Winx Girl from the Future


Growing up trouble

When new fairy arrives in Alfea, the Winx are surprised to know that it is Rosie who actually transformed herself into a 16 year old just to be with them in Alfea. Because of this, she has to become a fairy as well.

Rosie's weird challenge


The fruits on you


Frutti Frenzy


Stephanie's First Day

Alicia does appear, but only as a queen and a support character for her daughter.

The Dark Emotion within


The Haunting Manor


Dark Heart vs. Light Heart (Part. 1)


Dark Heart vs. Light Heart (Part. 2)


The Hidden Treasure


Crossover Showdown


Rosie's Princess Training


Convention Chaos


Fanon Movies

Believix in Japan


The Heart Of Cosmos

The movie tells Alicia's backstory while the Winx travels to Cosmos to prevent an ancient evil from destroying Cosmos.



She and Bloom are different, but has some similarities.


Alicia and Flora do get along well, mainly because they are both shy and friendly.


Alicia and Stella have a so-so relationship, but they did have a rough start when Alicia became Bloom's new best friend, Stella got jealous. But after Bloom told her that "just because someone else is her best friend, doesn't mean they can be replaced", Stella calmed down. And soon after, she and Alicia became friends. Alicia thinks of Stella as the silly one. Plus, both Alicia and Stella dislike schoolwork, hide their sadness and they both have some parental problems, so they are both similar.


She and Tecna have a few in common when it comes to technology. Alicia likes to call Tecna a "Techie", though she doesn't mind the complement. She and Tecna are both competative when it comes to video games.


Alicia and Musa get along well since they both love music and japanese culture. Not much else is said about their friendship, though Musa does know that Alicia is sensitive too.


Alicia tries to convince Aisha to become "more girly". But overall, they are still friends.


Alicia and Lucas have a romantic relationship. Alicia met him in her hometown while Lucas moved in next door. She asked him for any help unpacking but Lucas focused on something curious: Her feelings. He was curious on how she felt, she said she was ok, but Lucas knows she was not ok. Lucas had a similar problem like Alicia did: They both got dumped by their crushes. Therefore Lucas knows what it feels like. They both meet again while fighting a monster. Alicia didn't know that Lucas became a Specialist. They both introduced to each other and he decided that they both should hang out more to get to know each other. After hanging out a lot (Plus battling together), they both developed feelings for each other and started dating. Lucas is very charming and cares for others' feelings. He is also french,explaining why he moved because he came from Paris, France and Atarion (But he moved back to Atarion to become king). He is pure at heart like Alicia, and will do anything for her. Even though they had 2 fights, they still had feelings for each other.


Alicia first visited Lily at the hospital. She was a little spirited 12 year old girl who had cancer. But she had a big dream that she wished to come true: to become a fairy. Alicia and the other girls came one night to grant her wish. After that, Alicia and the girls were given permission from the schoolheads to permenently turn Lily to turn into a fairy. When Alicia came to the hospital to tell her good news, Lily's parents had news of their own. Alicia felt heartbroken that the girl with a big heart and imagination and was treated like a sister that Alicia never had, had died.


Alicia has a strong motherly relationship with Rosie, along with Bloom. Alicia also seems to love Rosie the most and treats her the most like how a mother would (evidence when Rosie recieved Lilith and Liliha's trick letter saying that she can recieve her year supply of desserts in the forest, Alicia became very conserned about it. And when Rosie gets captured a few times, Alicia is the first to be worried and tries hard to bring her back (mostly when Rosie was a baby and at age 5).) She is considered to be Rosie's favorite "Winxsitter" and a "Teacher of Anime" because of Rosie's fond of manga and anime. But they are both like sisters.


Not much is said about them, but they're both friendly to each other. However, Alicia stated that she is afraid of big dogs like Artu.

Powers and Abilites

Main Article: List of Alicia's Spells


Other Outfits

Alternate outfits


Transformation Themes

Later Transformation themes

Miscellaneous (Power/Moves themes)


  • Alicia's Believix wings (current design) ironicly looks similar to spades, whereas in Bloom's Believix wings looks similar to hearts.
  • One of Alicia's transformation wings (early concept art of Believix) are based off of angel wings.
  • Three of Alicia's transformation forms (early concept art of Enchantix, Believix and Sophix) are based on Maho Shojo costumes.
  • Alicia's Believix move, Perfect Harmony, is based off of the real Perfect Harmony from Magical DoReMi.
  • Alicia is inspired by
Serena (Salior Moon)
Dorie Goodwyn (Magical DoReMi)
  • Bloom and Alicia have a lot in common:
  1. They both like magical stuff
  2. They can get short tempered
  3. They're both lost princesses
  4. They both love to draw
  5. They are both the most powerful fairies of the Magic Dimension.
  • She basically does not wear her glasses in any of her transformations.
  • Her fourth outfit will be based on Carly Carmine's outfit from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's.
  • Alicia is the second most powerful fairy, the first is Bloom.
  • Alicia's Hallowinx will be based on Akiza Izinski's dress from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's.
  • She is apparently the third earth fairy, the others are Bloom and Roxy.
  • Ironicly, she is a christian.
  • Her Lovix move, Beauty Blizzard (Formerly known as Blizzard Heart), is based on Cure Beauty's move from Smile Pretty Cure.
  • Alicia's name means "of noble kind", but in Cosmos languages, it means "protector of mankind" or "She whose heart is divine" or "She whose power is divine".
    • This could mean that she is the most powerful princess in Cosmos's history.
  • Her favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.
  • She is voiced by Janet Varney.

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