Alexander comes from the Realm Kira. He is betrothed to the lost Princess of the Realm and in her abscence is the Queen's Heir. He is more commonly known as Lex.

Other Names
Lex, Lexi
15th June
Kira (born), Dolona (raised)
Red Fountain, Kira
Lost Princess (Betrothed), Unnamed Mother and Father


As a child he was betrothed to the Lost Princess of his Realm, Kira , and his Mother sent him away in hopes he would be able to find her.

When he turned 5 his foster parents started training him for his future. He learnt how to use a variety of weapons and about royalty and how they live and act.

School Life

He flew under the radar his first 2 years at Red Fountain. He participated in the battle against the Witches in his second year.

Third Year

Coming Soon...


  • Alexander is based on an RP character, Lexi, from Equality or Tyranny. He will also eventually appear in the fic The Power of Seven.
  • His cousin in The Equality or Tyranny RP is his rival in both.

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