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Ailex & Fesix

Ailex and Fesix are the powerful evil wiches.These two wiches were going to be defeted by the unknown group of fairies. They thought of giving thier powers to someone else who could rule the magic demention.But before they could give thier power the company of light came and defeated them.The power falled in space and formed two new planets known as Fairytopia and Airienda.It was expected that evil people would form but nice and careing people formed on the plants.When the two queens came to know about ailex and fesix they were worried because since this power is what made thier planets.Then someone of thier planets would get those powers and then that person would have to fulfill the wish of those two wiches to rule over the magic demension.They did'nt knew who that person was but later on they came to know that the princess of the two planets that are 'Zinaida' and 'Kiera' posses the power of ailex and fesix.They were too worried and afraid.They did'nt  tell about this to the both princess.They were too afraid to tell. When both the princesses started going to alfea Ailex & Fesix came to their dreams and telling them how to use their power to take over the magic demension.

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