This is the afterstory bio of Alicia Wilson, from fairy to queen of Cosmos.


Alicia's wedding dress pro

Alicia's wedding dress

After all peace was restored in the Magic Dimension, The Winx, Specialists, Pixies, Sparrowmen and everyone attended Alicia and Lucas's wedding in Cosmos. Before the wedding started, Alicia was wondering about her career and being queen of a realm she once never knew she belonged to. The Winx, Pixies and even her mother tried to comfort her not to worry and that everything will work out well in her life. She even remembered about manga artists Laurel Kingston and Minoru Hiroshima's offer for working at MANGAnation, to create manga with them. When the wedding started and after Alicia and Lucas exchanged wedding rings and vows, they we're both now King and Queen of Cosmos. Lucas wanted to step down from his throne in Atarion to be with his queen.

As Queen of Cosmos/Manga Artist

After she was crowned queen, Alicia thought about the rest of her life. Lucas tells her if she wants to pursue her dream, she has to go for it. The next day, she left Cosmos for a while to visit Gardenia. She struck a deal with Laurel and Minoru and to work for MANGAnation. She created her first manga that was based on her life as a fairy and member of the Winx called "Miracle Winx". However, despite hard work on her manga, she also had royal duties that was also hard, but Lucas took care of 50% of it, while Alicia worked on her first manga. After months of working on her first manga, she was finally finished and sends it off to MANGAnation. She was worried about what might happened in store for her and her new manga.
Adult Alicia

Adult Alicia

But after five weeks past, Alicia's manga became a success. Copies were shipped all around the world, and so far everyone loved it. MANGAnation threw a celebration party for Alicia and her first successful manga, they even gave her a even greater deal, she'll get a chance to become a voice actor in dubbed anime. The next day, when Alicia found out she was pregnant, she and Lucas found out that they were going to have a baby girl.


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